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Our Services
We present to you quality that is a combination of advanced production systems and traditional craftmanship.
01 Global Network

FUJI is in use through out the world. To ensure that all of our machines operate to the best of their abilities, we provide an active customer service system.
At our outlets in each country, we make installing packaging system in your company easy by first providing the necessary consultation and then formulating and working with plan that fits your exact needs. We believe that customer service is part of the product itself and by keeping in close contact with our outlets, we can rapidly provide you with high quality technology. In this way, a FUJI outlet is never far from you. And each outlet is part of a network that was set up to ensure that each FUJI machine that you purchase will always give you 100% performance.

02 Research & Development

We have always succeeded through our original ideas and new technology in providing epoch-making packaging machines. Further, however, in tune with the spread of computer controlled "mechatronic machines", we are building on our hardware expertise by putting more emphasis on software development. We are actively trying to increase the functions and easier to operate and we are also exploring the possibilities of un-manned operation and computer integrated manufacturing systems.

03 Machining

Precision machining and quality manufacturing of component parts for FUJI wrappers is accomplished in FUJI well equipped machine shop.

04 Manufacturing

Each completed FUJI wrapper is thoroughly tested and adjusted, often utilizing customer supplied products, film, and specifications. Before shipment, wrappers always receive quality approvals from quality control teams.