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An Intermittent Setup Cartoning Machine that Shortens Product Changeover Time



This intermittent setup cartoning machine improves work efficiency, guarantees repeatability, and shortens product changeover time. The multiaxial servo streamlines the actuator, allowing for a minimum number of parts.


Machine ModelCapacityCase DimensionsAttached Documents
FC8000GM Up to 80 cartons per min. L: 90 - 180mm
W: 30 - 105mm
H: 18 - 70mm
A: 145 - 210mm
B: 30 - 40mm

Product Application

  • Pharmaceuticals

PTP, ampoule products, inhalers, adhesive bandages, catheters, vials, scalpels, examination kits, hypodermic needles, eye drops


  • ■Auto Accumulation Device
  • ■Attached Document Dispenser
  • ■Seal Equipment
  • ■Card Dispenser
  • ■Other