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A Shrink Wrap Machine that Uses Polyethylene Shrink Film



A shrink wrap machine that uses polyethylene shrink film. Suitable for center wrapping of bento boxes, side dishes, and dry foods. Employs a belt-type dispenser. Rotation seal or box motion seal types can be selected for the end seal parts.


Machine ModelCapacityWrapping Film WidthCut Off LengthProduct Size
FW3451AN 15 - 40 packages per min. 350 - 700mm 100 - 340mm Width: 80 - 250mm
Height: 15 - 120mm

Product Application

  • Ready Meals

Bento boxes


  • ■Dispensing Part Dividing Conveyor
  • ■Film Connecting Stand
  • ■Previous Process Interlock
  • ■High Capacity Shrink Tunnel
  • ■Other