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A 3-way Shrink Wrap Machine with Soft Shrink Film



A 3-way shrink wrap machine with soft shrink film. Shrink wraps without ventilation pinholes for contraction. Employs a belt-type dispenser. Wide machine (W) also available.


Machine ModelCapacityWrapping Film WidthTray size
FW3462 15 - 60 packages per min.
(film dispatch speed Up to 20m/min.)
Up to 550mm Width: 75 - 215mm
Height: 15 - 50mm
(Largest product height: 85mm)
Bottom length: 100 - 360mm

Product Application

  • Agricultural Products
  • Ready Meals
  • Seafood

Kamaboko, chikuwa, satsuma-age, crab sticks, fish sashimi, fresh fish, dressed meat, tray foods


  • ■Shrink tunnel
  • ■Other