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A High Capacity Vertical Pillow Packaging Machine with a New Sealing System



A high capacity vertical pillow packaging machine with a new sealing system.
Separate construction of the passage and drive portions of the product and film provides sanitation.


Machine ModelCapacityBag Dimensions
FW7700NHS Up to 150 bags per min. Bag width: 70 - 230mm
Pitch: 50 - 300mm

Product Application

  • Agricultural Products
  • Beverages
  • Powdered Food
  • Ready Meals
  • Sweets

Candy, arare, karinto, snack foods, sausages, mochi, instant coffee, cocoa, flour, powdered milk


  • ■Date Device
  • ■Print Examination Device
  • ■Gazette Device
  • ■Continuous Packaging Device
  • ■Gas Filling Device
  • ■Auto Splicer
  • ■Hole Punching Device
  • ■Product Stopper
  • ■Other